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Optimize turf management on your entire golf course with AI
and multispectral image analytics.


Diagnose and understand
your golf course in depth

SKIM allows general managers and superintendents to monitor their golf course and make informed decisions. In one place, it's possible to instantaneously measure and locate turf performance without worrying about sampling and awaiting laboratory results.

Automatically access weekly measurements for a wide variety of turf health metrics, including vegetation indicators such as biomass (NDVI), chlorophyll (NDRE), turfgrass quality (PVR), turfgrass density (GLI), and nutrients (N, P, K, Na, Ca, Mg, Mn, Fe, Zn), along with daily weather updates. Follow and understand the evolution of your golf course over time.

SKIM allows you to identify dry zones, wet spots, nutrient deficiencies, nutrient over-applications, and factors favoring the appearance of diseases. SKIM will automatically generate alerts when indicators are deteriorating and help you maintain the best playable surface. Better turf management means improved playing conditions and, ultimately, more golfers.


Leverage the power of data

Measuring turf performance is not new but doing it 40,000 times a week on an average 18-hole golf course is revolutionary. Thanks to satellites, you receive automated images and measurements. Data from past years is also available, all delivered directly to your phone, tablet, or computer.

General managers and superintendents have access to a consistently growing database, safely stored in the cloud. Compare measurements from different dates, understand patterns, quantify the impact of performed tasks, and adjust your golf turf care actions. Easy-to-understand reports allow you to combine indicators and highlight trends.

You do not need to remember what happened a year ago; SKIM does it for you. Review your course's behavior over time, identify insights, and apply best practices.


Achieve precision turfgrass management

Results are based on SKIM’s machine learning algorithms analyzing multispectral imagery. Why does it matter? As humans, we see in red, green, and blue. Wavelengths in multispectral images contain turf health information which SKIM transforms into turf insights before they become visible to the human eye.

Make informed decisions about turf maintenance and solve issues before they escalate. SKIM provides superintendents and general managers with accurate, precise, and frequent data. React earlier and focus time, labor, and maintenance resources on the precise areas that need care.
Anticipate anomalies and build precise fertilization plans to allocate resources only where and when they are needed. As a result, save time, labor, and costs.


Organize and monitor your turf maintenance activities

Turf maintenance requires a large quantity of tasks to be organized every day. Schedule, assign, review progress, and locate assignments in SKIM’s task management module. Manage your teams and ensure that operations are on track, whether it’s from your office, your home, or while scouting your golf course. All information is centralized because we know how important communication is. Teams can share comments, attachments, and pictures to ensure collaboration and well-spread information. Review the status of each task, assess the associated costs, and measure their impact on turf health indicators. Unlock the key to identifying correlations between tasks and their effects.


Take SKIM with you

From the comfort of your computer to the flexibility of having SKIM in your pocket, we want to provide you with a tool to work from anywhere.

Visualize turf conditions across the entire course, with a breakdown per hole. Easily assess areas that are good, stressed, or critical.
Review all data for the hole on which you are working, whether mowing, fertilizing, aerating, or scouting. SKIM is geo-located and will automatically display the data you need. Simply swipe left or right to review the next hole.

Access summaries of alerts; SKIM detects when indicators are deteriorating and keeps you updated with automatically generated alerts.

Create, update, and share tasks directly in your mobile app.


Reduce the environmental impact of your golf course and plan future assignments

Golf courses need to implement precise fertilization, water management, and sustainable maintenance strategies to reduce their environmental impact while maintaining the highest standards for the game of golf.

SKIM provides frequent results and covers large areas efficiently without disruptions on the golf course. Leverage data to implement sustainable best practices such as targeted nutrient application with prescription application maps for GPS-enabled sprayers. Identify and address issues at their inception, minimizing the need for excessive chemical applications.

With SKIM, you're not just managing turf; you're leading the way towards a greener and more sustainable future for your course and the environment. Keep track of performed tasks and plan future assignments in the mobile application to maintain accurate records and organize work. You can share information directly in the golf course map with markers of your observations, sprinklers and laboratory analysis locations.

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Satellite plan

Aerial imagery documentation from satellites. 40k+ measurements per week
Diagnostic of the turf performance on the entire golf course(s)
Weekly nutrient measurements with 80% accuracy (N, P, K, Ca, Mg, Na, Zn, Fe, Mn)
Weekly assessment of the turf condition (biomass, turf vigor, turf density, photosynthesis activity and chlorophyll)
Daily weather updates
Alerts: early detection of factors favorizing turf anomalies
Automatic mapping and visual representation of results: holes, greens, fairways, tees
Historical data and current results accessible at any time
Cloud storage
Task Management
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Web and mobile applications
Technical support

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Drone imagery analytics

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Receive and visualize results in the SKIM App
Access all SKIM features and modules
Receive alerts and diagnostics for turf diseases


imagery analytics

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About Us

Our mission is to help you
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Since 2002, we have specialized in software production. Three years ago, we embarked on a new journey, SKIM Turf Management, that truly resonated with our founders' love and vision for golf. We know that technology will impact golf operations, so we prepared a unique software which provides crucial insights and tangible savings for golf course owners and superintendents. AI models analyze images, from satellites or drones, to reveal insights before they are detectable by the human eye.

In collaboration with turf scientists, we meticulously prepared data during three growing seasons in experimental turf fields. Training and building SKIM’s AI backbone required more than 33,000 satellite images, 7,000 drone images, 5,000 visual assessments, 4,500 in-situ tests, and 24,000 laboratory results. By harnessing the power of AI and multi-spectral analytics, golf courses can now take more data driven decisions and achieve precision turgrass management.

We are passionate about technology, so don’t hesitate to contact us to explore its transformative impact on golf course operations.

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